Time To Break Tradition

Traditional Downfalls

Anyone Can Do It!

  • There is no education, licensing or experience needed to start a traditional estate sale company.
  • There are no guidelines, rules, codes, etc.
  • Traditional estate sales are just higher end garage sales.
  • Remember they spend no money upfront all they do is set your items up to be sold and make money off it, that process guarantees they always only gain money no matter what price they sell an item for.

No One Is An Expert Appraiser Of All Items.

  • Traditional companies price items too low, and then sell them even lower when bundled with other items.
  • Or price too high and never sell at all because of it.
  • And of course no item ever sells for above set price.
  • Don’t miss out on the money you deserve for your items mispriced because of the traditional ‘appraiser pricing method’.
  • They can set the price for whatever they want, so don’t let them scam you!

No View Time

  • Traditional estate sales are only held for 1-3 days averaging 6 hours of view time a day.
  • The end sale day is also always shortened and heavily discounted.
  • At maximum that’s still less than a full 24 hours of view time!
  • The sales are also only ever viewed by your neighbors and local strangers in the area during the sale.

No Evidence Of Sales

  • Traditional sales have no record of what items truly sell for or if an item was even truly sold or just stolen.
  • Many companies will also always discount items for family/friends and of course regular customers.
  • Remember traditional companies are local only, meaning friends and family are never far.

Misleading Contracts

  • Traditional sale contracts DO NOT allow the homeowner to be present during any part of the sale! Suspicious? YOU SHOULD BE!
  • To add to that, many contracts reserve the right to retain any unsold merchandise.
  • Your flat screen TV didn’t sell because it was too overpriced (on purpose)? Well now it’s theirs to go sell for true market value.

No Marketing

  • Traditional estate sales have no marketing plan at all, instead they brag up and count on their local following.
  • Other than a post on their website and signs out in the street they do nothing to help attract customers.
  • Remember any marketing is out of their own pocket.

Check out our online estate sale vs. traditional estate sale video below!


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