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Have a hassle-free Online Estate Sale and earn up to 10x+ more compared to traditional estate sales!

We provide an all-in-one online estate sale service and do everything for you – Hassle free



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Welcome to Worldwide Estate Sales!


Worldwide Estate Sales is an all in one service. From itemizing, photographing, packaging, and listing each and every item to selling, moving, loading and shipping them as well.

Our bonded and background checked employees are only in your home for one day leaving you more leisure time to relax and handle the more important things you need to get done without worrying about your home or goods.

Earn up to 10x+ compared to traditional estate sales!


Our simple seller-friendly process ensures the best result possible for the items you wish to sell.

Our online estate sales bring in the most profitability while also relieving the most stress when liquidating an estate.

Earn up to 10x+ the normal profit!

Why Worldwide

Worldwide Estate Sales has the most technologically advanced and profitable process on the market.

We’ve obliterated every negative aspect of a traditional estate sale while increasing profits.

Abandon Tradition!

The reasons to not have a traditional estate sale are endless but the most important reason is, leaving all that money on the table!

Do you want more work for less money or less work for more money?

Say Goodbye To Tradition

Hardly any View Time

  • Traditional estate sales are only held for 1-3 days averaging 6 hours of view time a day.
  • At maximum that’s still less than a full 24 hours of view time!
  • The sales are also only ever viewed by your neighbors and local strangers in the area during the sale.

No Evidence Of Sales


  • Traditional sales have no record of what items truly sell for or if an item was even truly sold, stolen, or given away.
  • Many companies will almost always heavily discount items for family/friends and of course regular customers.
  • Remember traditional companies are local only, leaving you with limited views/buyers.

Misleading Contracts


  • Traditional estate sale contracts DO NOT allow the homeowner to be present during any part of the sale!   Wonder why? Us too!
  • To add to that, many contracts reserve the right to retain any unsold merchandise.
  • Your heirloom collector’s piece didn’t sell because they overpriced it?  Well, now it’s theirs to go sell for true market value.

No Marketing

  • Traditional estate sales have little to no marketing plan at all, instead, they brag up and count on their local following.
  • Other than a post on their website and signs out in the street they do nothing to help attract customers.
  • Remember any marketing is actually money out of their own pocket…As opposed to just taking a cut out of your items for free.

Traditional vs. Worldwide


  • Under 24 hour view time. Items only viewed by neighbors & locals.
  • No evidence of sales. Unknown discounts. No evidence if an item is stolen or not.
  • Homeowner not allowed in the home during setup/sale.
  • No marketing.


  • 240 hours of view time by the entire WORLD.
  • Full detailed list of every item sold along with the exact price sold for.
  • Homeowner allowed in home at all times.
  • Every item posted on top sale websites around the world.

Check out our online estate sale vs. traditional estate sale video below!

Our Simple Process


Individuals and families contact Worldwide in need of selling or liquidating household good or collections.


Our trained and well-informed crew photographs, itemizes, and packages each and every item.

Any pieces not fit for sale are arranged for donation or trash removal entirely by Worldwide.


After all research is done on every item, all the items are listed online for 10 days.

When the 10 days are over we handle all pickup and shipping.


Within 2-3 weeks after the sale we give you a fully detailed list of every item and what they sold for along with your check.

Check out our online estate sale process video below!


Thank you for taking the time to consider a Worldwide online estate sale and please contact us to get started today.

We look forward to hearing from you and will get back to you as soon as we can!

Consultations are entirely free.

Phone: 888-983-7828

Business Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm M-F, Closed S-S.